Welcome to Ithaca Painting Holidays. We are an experienced duo of academically trained artists from London and Santiago (UK & Chile). We offer you great tuition in landscape and seascape painting on the Greek island of Ithaca. The next painting holiday will run from the 6th of June to the 11th, 2024. Leave a message on the booking page if you would like to join us.

colour pic of students painting Ithaca Painting Holidays
Students painting on the waterfront, Ithaca

Adriana and Alan are accomplished landscape painters who know the business of putting paint to canvas in a meaningful way. To see examples of their work, go to the blog page on this site and click on ‘Artworks from Ithaca Painting Holidays’. Alan is a qualified and experienced tutor who has run his own landscape painting holidays in the UK. Adriana resides on the island of Ithaca, she knows it well.

Waterside sunset on Ithaca Welcome to Ithaca painting holidays
Waterside sunset on Ithaca
Ithaca Painting Holidays view over Ithaca colour picture
View over the island of Ithaca

At Ithaca Painting Holidays we aim to give you the very best experience of Ithaca plus an educative programme of teaching / learning which will inspire and develop your skills beyond their current level.

Swimmers Ithaca Painting Holidays
Fabulous swimming opportunities

Welcome to Ithaca Painting Holidays. For all abilities and ages, this experiential adventure gives paricipants the chance to soak up Ionian sunshine whilst learning the practicalities of painting at various locations around the island.

Students discussing their work by the waterside on Ithaca
Discussing work by the waterside

On some days you will be able to paint or draw – then relax at a nearby taverna. On others you can climb high to access stunning views, the daily fayre of Odysseus and his entourage. If you choose to attend, we guarantee a balanced mix of fun, learning and relaxation.

Picture of sketching easel looking over Ithaca
Sketching from on high

You can select the medium you wish to work in; there will be instruction about oils, watercolours and acrylics. We are able to provide painting materials, including drawing boards, easels and paper – if you order ahead of your stay.

Homeric drama being played out on Ithaca welcome to Ithaca Painting Holidays
Ithaca – home of Odysseus

The island of Ithaca is home to the Homeric character Odysseus. The remains of his palace are on the island and we will visit them on one of our sketching trips. There is an annual festival ‘Paint the Lyric‘ which takes place on the island in September. Welcome to Ithaca Painting Holidays!

Image of Odysseus Ithaca Painting Holidays

Photos by Adriana Eyzaguirre and Henry
Thanks to Melanie